Clearing the Haze: Understanding the regulation of ingestible CBD products in Scotland

April 14, 2023

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring, non-intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant. Technically, the compound is known as a phytocannabinoid (cannabinoid for short) and, depending on which sources you consult, anywhere from ninety-seven to over one hundred and twenty cannabinoids have been isolated from the Cannabis plant.1 If it’s cannabis, it’s illegal. Right? […]

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ChatGPT, write a poem in the style of Robert Burns about HMRC trying to recover unpaid bounceback loans in a post-pandemic Scotland

January 16, 2023

Following this blog post written with ChatGPT on the biggest issues the legal industry faces in the future recently, ChatGPT was asked to write a poem in the style of Robert Burns about HMRC trying to recover unpaid bounceback loans in a post-pandemic Scotland. In advance of the Bard’s birthday and Burns Night next Wednesday on 25th […]

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New authors for Scots Law Blog wanted – sharing useful Scottish legal insights from leading lawyers and law firms in Scotland

November 13, 2022

When Scots Law Blog was set up in Edinburgh over ten years ago, our mission was to share useful Scottish legal insights. That mission is still the same and we are looking for new authors, particularly leading Scottish lawyers and law firms who want to publish and share useful articles for no fee. Please get […]

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Mark Thorley’s Legal Sector Insights – Trainee Retention in Legal Aid Law Firms in Scotland

April 26, 2022

“Whilst we welcome the Scottish Government scheme to provide 40 legal aid trainees to firms we are concerned about retaining staff in a legal aid firm,” says Mark Thorley, Director of leading Scottish legal aid law firm, Edinburgh based Thorley Stephenson. “Since the launch of Thorley Stephenson, in Edinburgh in 2005, we have employed 20 trainee solicitors. “Thorley Stephenson’s […]

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The Road to Consumer Scotland is Paved with Good Intentions

August 9, 2020

By Alison Wainwright of Dipitus – copywriting, editing and proofreading services.  The Scottish Government has recently launched a long-awaited consultation on the remit of the proposed new body Consumer Scotland. Currently the only part of the UK to have dedicated and eponymous consumer bodies is Northern Ireland after the UK-wide National Consumer Council was abolished in 2014.  That Council was branded […]

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Law Society of Scotland publishes regulation and practice changes in response to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

April 19, 2020

The Law Society of Scotland has published a useful summary of changes in regulation and practice in response to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. You can read these here, which include changes in respect of legal aid, attending court, instructing counsel, making wills and powers of attorney, anti money laundering, financial compliance and […]

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The new website of CALM Scotland has just gone live. Resolving family disputes via mediation.

February 24, 2016

The new website of CALM Scotland has just gone live at CALM (which stands for Comprehensive Accredited Lawyer Mediators) is passionate about resolving family disputes via mediation rather than litigation.  In their website (designed and built by Moore Legal Technology with great assistance from CALM Scotland member Scott Docherty – follow Scott on Twitter […]

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The Edinburgh Law Review – Get FREE online access to this great Scots Law resource for 30 days!

January 29, 2016

The Edinburgh Law Review is an international forum for the discussion of law. The journal has a focus on Scots Law and the Scottish legal system, making it indispensable to practitioners wishing to stay informed of recent and current developments. So we are pleased to announce that Edinburgh University Press is offering free online access […]

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Parenting Apart sessions from Relationships Scotland are now available across Scotland

January 15, 2016

Family lawyers are all too well aware of the emotional trauma that often derails attempts to negotiate divorce and separation issues in a calm and reasonable manner. More than one in three children are now likely to experience their parents getting divorced or separating before they turn 16. Meanwhile, parents who have decided to separate […]

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Harry Clarke, Private Prosecution and the Glasgow Bin Lorry Tragedy FAI

August 21, 2015

Should Harry Clarke face private prosecution for the Glasgow bin lorry tragedy that happened last year? Amidst much speculation on social media channels, there are currently a few terrific legal blogs publishing useful info that are worth checking out:- Lallands Peat Worrier: “Answer for your actions, Harry…”  (20 August 2015) Lallands Peat Worrier: Harry Clarke […]

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