The new website of CALM Scotland has just gone live. Resolving family disputes via mediation.

by ScotsLawBlog on February 24, 2016

The new website of CALM Scotland has just gone live at CALM (which stands for Comprehensive Accredited Lawyer Mediators) is passionate about resolving family disputes via mediation rather than litigation.  In their website (designed and built by Moore Legal Technology with great assistance from CALM Scotland member Scott Docherty – follow Scott on Twitter via @TheCalmMediator)  and buzzing social media channels, they plan to spread the word far and wide about mediation, connecting not only with professionals and mediators here and across the world who can help inform and assist in this process, but also and more importantly with those going through separation, those in need of a guiding hand and more information about how to resolve their disputes without having to open the doors to the court and place their interests in the hands of lawyers and a judge. The site makes it easier for separating people and their lawyers to make a referral to a mediator, and provides a wealth of resources to help families move past their issues after separation.

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