January 2012

Scotland’s Constitutional Future – Lord Wallace’s speech at the University of Glasgow

January 21, 2012

Lord Wallace of Tankerness QC, the Advocate General for Scotland, delivered a speech at Glasgow University on Friday 20 January 2012, outlining why the Scottish Parliament cannot currently legislate for a referendum on independence at present.  Lord Wallace also set out how a legal, fair and decisive referendum can be achieved if the Scottish Government […]

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Practical Law Company publishing Scots Law books online

January 16, 2012

A leading provider of legal know-how & market intelligence for lawyers, Practical Law Company (“PLC”) has just started to publish online various Scots law books previously only available in hard copy.  The list and publishing schedule is here: http://uk.practicallaw.com/about/browsebooks#scotslaw This is a welcome move in legal publishing as more and more great legal information is […]

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