Cadder v HMA and Loss of Identity for Scots Law

February 9, 2011

Scotland’s top prosecutor, The Lord Advocate, The Rt Hon Elish Angiolini QC WS, has warned of a loss of identity for Scots law following on from the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Cadder case and, in particular, the power of the Supreme Court to make decisions on Scots human rights cases. The Lord Advocate suggests that the Supreme Court should only have the power to consider newer legislation or decisions with major constitutional consequences.

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The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 in Practice: Case for Reform

October 11, 2010

Recently, Tom Johnston, managing partner at Young & Partners LLP, a law firm with offices in Dunfermline and Glasgow, wrote in the Law Society’s Journal about a fresh wave of “hell” being swept into Scotland under new licensing laws. See his article here. See his contact details here. Having experienced the chaos in September 2009 […]

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Welcome to Scots Law 2.0

September 29, 2010

As stated on its inception on 23 June 2010, it is hoped that this site creates as much success as the effort put into it.

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