Questions re Correct Elements of Criminal Law in Scotland for Crime Writer

by Indiana69 on October 15, 2014

Questions below re correct elements of criminal law in Scotland for a crime writer – any comments appreciated:-


I’m hopeful that someone is able to help me,

I am in the final stages of writing a crime novel (set in Edinburgh), and I would like to be accurate regarding applicable Scots law.

The scenario: A large country house which is used by a very select membership for sexual encounters. However, the house has one wing which is used by a paedophile group.

The questions I have are, what law would be used against (a): anyone in the wing? (b): the owner of the whole house? (I assume he would have a ‘duty to know’ what was happening), and (c): could anyone found in the ‘main’ house be charged with anything?

As something of a supplemental question to (c), given that the activity in the ‘main’ house is legal, if there was ‘recreational drug’ paraphernalia found (not on a person, but in the ‘main’ house), could all people be charged? And, if so, under what law?

Any help in this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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