Open Justice website alive with great legal blogging: #oj_uk

by ScotsLawBlog on February 29, 2012

Open Justice Week launched at the start of this week (27 February) and already the Open Justice website is alive with some great pieces of legal blogging from the Scottish Courts.Parliament House Court of Session

As explained in the Open Justice launch statement,

A fundamental principle of law is: “Not only must justice be done; it must also be seen to be done.”
Lord Hewart said this in 1924, 88 years later the question is: Does this still hold true?
The Open Justice Project asks that question and aims to provide a snapshot of the state of British law in 2012.

Half-way through the week, the goal of the project remains to get writers, legal professionals and members of the public to collaborate using social media to share their experiences of a week in the life of the legal system.

If looking for further inspiration about why it’s a great idea to get involved in the project, particularly if you are a law student or lawyer, please do see my top 5 reasons for young lawyers to get blogging post on Pupillage Blog. I’ve been judging moots at the start of this week – it’s good to see another year of capable Scots law students going through their first year of law school. Many of those students are more than capable of providing great blog posts on legal matters. It is hoped that more continue to spare some of their free time to get involved with social media, particularly by engaging through legal tweetingLinkedIn and legal blogging.

To get involved you can email the Open Justice team at  join them on Facebook, follow them on twitter through the hashtag #oj_uk and share their posts to your social networks.

Best wishes to the Open Justice team for a strong finish to the week.

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