Accidents at Work Remain an Issue in Scotland and the UK

by ScotsLawBlog on October 17, 2012

Guest post regarding accidents at work in Scotland and across the UK

Despite the increasing worries surrounding the safety of workplaces in the UK, the number of accidents which are occurring each year remains high.

A recent Health and Safety Executive study deemed as many as quarter of construction sites in the country to be unsafe for their workers. With numbers like these it is no surprise that more and more people are looking to injury lawyers to help with file compensation claims to give them the support they deserve.

In spite of strict guidelines imposed on working environments in the construction industry, there have been nearly 3,000 deaths on UK construction sites in the last 25 years and many more serious injuries. It is the responsibility of the employer in all cases to ensure that construction sites are safe for those who are working on them. In cases where the safety guidelines are not followed closely enough, workers are well within their rights to file for compensation.

Not only are workers commonly able to achieve compensation which is sufficient to cover all of their medical costs, but they are also able to achieve repayment for any time which they were forced to take off work as a result of the accident.

Further HSE statistics show that over 1 million working people in the UK alone were suffering from work related illnesses in 2009/10. A further 0.8 million people were suffering from work related illnesses and were then unable to work as a result. In these cases, the people are likely to be able to make claims against their employers which could see them receiving considerable amounts. Filing a compensation claim is about the pursuit of justice in the case of negligence on the behalf of an employer.

Financial compensation for injuries and illnesses

The number of people across the UK who receive financial compensation for injuries and illnesses sustained in the workplace is astonishing. However, the figures which come from the Association of British Insurers indicate that 9 in every 10 people who suffer from such an injury do not receive compensation. In all likelihood, the majority of these people would be entitled to receive compensation, should they choose to seek it.

The numbers surrounding the issue of safety in the workplace are staggering, and yet little is seemingly being done to address the problem. In fact, statistics coming from the Compensation Recovery Unit show that there has actually been a 3% increase in the number of claims made over the last five years. It seems that safety in the workplace remains an issue in the UK today. Fortunately for workers, there is an esteemed system in place which sees that victims of such accidents are able to receive ample compensation in the event of employer negligence.

Employees should do all they can to prevent injuries sustained but ultimately, the responsibility remains with the employers themselves. In the event of an accident, employees should do all they can to ensure that the facts are carefully documented and can be safe in the knowledge that the law remains on their side.

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